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HomePay takes time-consuming tasks off your plate


Prepare and file all employment tax returns with no hassle


Let payroll run automatically and make changes from any device

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Keep on top of household employer responsibilities

HomePaySM simplifies household employment

Household employers have some federal and state obligations that can feel overwhelming for busy families.

The good news is paying legally is not as difficult or expensive as you think. HomePay handles all the compliance details and there are tax breaks that typically offset most of the employer taxes.

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Your loved one's care is your top priority. Let HomePay take care of the rest.

Our happiness guarantee

If HomePay doesn't meet your expectations for an all-in-one nanny tax and payroll service during your first six months of use, we'll refund your payments for our services.*

Our service guarantee

We guarantee that your tax returns are filed accurately and on time.**


HomePay helps your nanny, too

Nannies care for the most important people in your world: your loved ones. You can show your appreciation by paying legally, which can help your nanny qualify for benefits such as unemployment insurance, Social Security, and Medicare.

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